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Guidelines and Rules for Wood Bridge Meadow Living

In order to protect, maintain and improve the character and beauty of Wood Bridge and the spirit of friendly cooperation among Wood Bridge owners, the following guidelines for Wood Bridge Meadow Living were adopted. In order to better implement these guidelines, and to foster greater cooperation between neighbors, the Board encourages all Homeowners to keep in mind these "4 C's" when interacting with neighbors or planning property modifications.



Working together in the best interest of all concerned.



Thinking of neighbors, and the effects of actions on them, before acting.



A willingness to see the other's point of view and to be flexible in working toward solutions of problems.




Talking to one another on matters of mutual interest or concern; keeping each other and the Association promptly and completely informed.



Guidelines & Rules
No home may be altered externally without prior written approval from the Directors (through the Architectural and Landscape Committee). Every effort will be made to respond to requests as promptly as possible.

Whenever major changes are being requested in an existing home or use of homeowner land, the Directors will consult with the homeowners in the immediate vicinity to obtain their views.

In an effort to keep earth tone colors on all the homes, no home may be painted or repainted, shingled or re-sided without the Directors approving the color and/or materials in writing.

Owners and guests are expected to refrain from making excessive noise. Radios and stereos are to be played at moderate volumes. Owners of existing pools should realize that they can be inherent noise generators and therefore their use requires special consideration of neighbors.

Swimming pools are often not appropriate in a development of cluster homes. The reasons for this are the smaller size of the lots and the large portion of the lot occupied by the house and landscaping. As a result, the Board feels that most requests for new pools will not be approved.

Fences, in most cases, will not be approved as they detract from the open character of the neighborhood and make lawn maintenance more difficult.

No exterior antennas are permitted.

No change in the common property may be made without prior written approval of the Directors.

No living tree may be removed without the prior written approval of the directors.

No trash, tree cuttings or other objects or debris are to be deposited in the wooded areas or other common property or thrown into the ponds.

Landscaping, establishment of new berms, planting of trees, bushes and bulbs in the common property is encouraged, however, proper prior written approval is to be obtained from the directors, so as to avoid any possible problem. The Directors will also establish at the time of approval, whether the individual homeowner or the Trust will maintain the berm in the future.

Pets are not permitted to run loose unless accompanied by their owner. In addition, owners are encouraged to curb their pets on their own property or carry a "Pooper Scooper" with them.

Parking of campers, recreational vehicles (R.V.'s), trucks or trailers in the streets or driveways is not permitted on a routine basis. This is not intended to preclude parking by guests or other occasional uses.

Guests are to park in the host driveway or the commons spaces found on each circle. No long term parking is permitted on the common space.

No motor bikes or other motor vehicles are permitted on the trails.

The 25 MPH speed limit is to be adhered to in the interest of the safety of all residents, especially the children.

Every reasonable effort should be made to ensure that bicycles, scooters, toys, sporting equipment and similar items, when not in use, are put away and not left on driveways, streets or lawn areas.

Firewood is to be maintained in neat stacks on ones own property.

Mulch, lumber building materials and the like piled on driveways or lawn areas are to be used and cleaned up promptly.

Trash containers are to be placed at curb side no earlier than the night before collection and removed as soon after collection as possible, preferably by the night of collection. Trash containers are to be kept out of sight at all other times.

The exterior of homes and the landscaping of lots are expected to be maintained at the high standards of the neighborhood. Repairs, painting and landscape maintenance are to be promptly accomplished as needed.

22. Architectural and Landscaping Alterations Review
Any changes to the exterior of a property, either on the structure or property surrounding the structure, must be approved in writing by the Board of Directors PRIOR to work beginning. In order to facilitate the approval process, the Architectural and Landscape Committee was established with the responsibility of reviewing and approving any and all changes. The homeowner should complete and file with the Architectural and Landscape Committee the form "Written Consent by Trustee" (copy attached). The request will be considered and returned as promptly as possible in writing. No action should be taken by the homeowner until the written approval is received.




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